Some of our students celebrating after first solos and Flight Test passes

Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)

…Take friends and family for scenic and aerobatic flights

Get Your Pilot Licence with Sydney’s Trusted Aviation School

A Recreational Pilots Licence allows you to take your friends and family flying within your local flying area.
The Aerobatic Schools RPL is a little more unique however. Our RPL holders are able to fly aerobatics, to spin and recover, and to fly all normal manoeuvres to a high standard. And they get to carry their family and friends whilst doing it!

Training Beyond the Minimums

The Aerobatics Schools RPL course incorporates all the elements of our Basic Aerobatic Rating and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course. When you graduate you will have not only met the minimum standards for the licence but you will have been trained to The Aerobatic Schools high standards for Aerobatics and Upset Recovery.

The first 30 hours of your flight training are the most important flying you will ever do! During this time you will learn the fundamental skills, control techniques and mental attitudes with will form the rest of your future flying. We believe that it is invaluable that you learn the best of these from lesson one.

Full Package

The Aerobatic School has the facilities, staff and experience to guide you through the process of getting your Recreational Pilots Licence. As you start your journey into the world of aviation it can feel like there is a sharp learning curve. We will be with you every step of the way and our team is always available to offer support when you need it.

Course Cost: $17,000*

*The Aerobatic Schools RPL course is based on our custom syllabus that includes 27 hours of dual instruction and 7 hours of solo flight. We have also included tutorials and briefings, Airservices Australia and airport landing fees and charges in this estimated total. The course is competency based. This means that while most students complete the course in the quoted hours, before we can recommend you for the licence you need to demonstrate the competency standards.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

…Build on the skills you learnt in your RPL and start navigating around Australia.

Imagine flying your family and friends to the Hunter Valley for lunch, sight seeing over Sydney Harbour, or taking them for a flying trip to see Uluru. Well you can once you have a PPL! Australia is a very large country with almost every conceivable type of terrain, weather conditions and airways procedures. The Aerobatic Schools PPL Course is designed to maximise your capacity as a pilot to navigate unfamiliar terrain with confidence.

Proven Techniques

Our course utilises simple yet very effective and proven military navigation techniques which make you a far more competent cross country pilot. With the attainment of your PPL you will be able to navigate anywhere around Australia with confidence and show your friends and family the amazing places and sights our beautiful country has to offer.

Three Phase Syllabus

Our PPL course is divided into three distinct phases which includes 8 dual and 3 solo cross country navigation exercises.
  1. PHASE ONE – Covers pure navigation techniques. Each lesson is conducted outside controlled airspace to minimise procedures so you can learn to navigate properly from the beginning.
  2. PHASE TWO – Consists of low-level navigation techniques.
  3. PHASE THREE – Focuses on controlled airspace procedures and radio navigation aids. At the conclusion of phase three you are ready for your license test and ready to navigate confidently anywhere in Australia.

After you have obtained your PPL, you have the option of adding endorsements and ratings to your licence. These may include night VFR, tailwheel, constant speed propeller (CSU), retractable undercarriage and advanced aerobatics.

Course Cost: $11,500*

*A RPL licence is required before starting the PPL course. The Aerobatic Schools PPL course is based on 20 hours of dual flying and 8 hours of solo flying. The estimated cost Includes all briefings, Airservices Australia and airport landing fees and charges. It  does not include the PPL flight test. The course is competency based. This means that while most students complete the course in the quoted hours, before we can recommend you for the licence you need to demonstrate the competency standards.

Left: Clouds Over Mudgee, 9500ft. Right: Sydney Harbour Scenic, 1500ft

Top: Clouds Over Mudgee, 9500ft. Bottom: Sydney Harbour Scenic, 1500ft

Night VFR training

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)

…Sharpen your skills to a commercial standard

Already have a Private Pilots Licence and have (or nearly have) 200 hours logged? Thought of getting your CPL? The Aerobatic School can prepare you for the CPL, including the necessary theoretical and practical components of the licence.

Scenario Based Training

Our CPL training focuses on scenario based navigation exercises. During this training you will be given tasks a commercial pilot may be required to undertake in an operational environment. Throughout your training you will be exposed to a wide variety of commercial situations, such as charter, aerial survey, photography and joyflights. We will give you the experience and skills necessary to make your transition to commercial flying as smooth as possible. Commercial considerations like managing passengers, efficiency and time management and working in a commercial environment are also covered.

Ground Theory

Before a student can be recommended for their CPL flight test, they must pass seven CPL theory exams. These include Navigation, Meteorology, Human Factors, Flight Rules & Air Law, Aerodynamics, Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK) and Operation, Performance & Flight Planning.  These can be self studied or studied in a variety of ways including one on one tuition with The Aerobatic Schools instructors.

Night VFR

Our CPL students also undertake training for a Night VFR Rating during their CPL course.  There are a number of advantages in doing a NVFR Rating at this point in your training.

Employers look at holders of Night VRF Rating more favourably as you are not restricted to day only operations.
The instrument flying and navigational aid activities you will practice during this training will assist you during your CPL flight test and future flying.


As applicants have varying experience its difficult to provide an overall, estimated price. For more information on the pricing of the CPL please contact us and include your experience to date so we can give you the most accurate estimation.

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Selecting a flying school and an instructor for any type of aviation training is critical to your success as a pilot.

Here at “The Aerobatic School” you can rest assured that all of our pilots and aircraft are of the absolute highest standard. In fact, we believe that we set the standard in aerobatic training in Australia.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to us with the form on this webpage or if you prefer to speak with a real person then give us a call on 02 9791 0643. Let’s make a plan together to work out exactly what it is that you are seeking to do and get you started. We look forward to flying with you…

From Beginner to Advanced & Everything In-between

Already have a Recreational Pilots Licence or other Pilots Licence? Do you want to improve your skill and confidence and have lots of fun whilst doing so? Or perhaps you would like to take up competition aerobatic flying? Then come and see the aerobatic experts at The Aerobatic School about achieving your aerobatics rating.No previous aerobatic experience is required.


Build your flying confidence and improve your safety with the Upset Recovery and EMT experts! We’ve been doing it for thirty years and we are still one of a few organisations in the world who specialise in this training. You will also better understand the stall and spin and be able to recover from these quickly with minimum height loss in ANY situation. Find out more today.

Upset Recovery

The Aerobatic School has taught hundreds of pilots to fly over 30+ years of operation as Red Baron and Sydney Aerobatic School. We specialise in training you beyond the CASA minimums by utilising high performance training that will build your confidence and make you a safer pilot. All pilots complete aerobatic, upset recovery, advanced stall, spin recovery training and more.

Licence Training

Learn the art of formation flying and hone your skills with the formation experts who teach what they do! Our pilots are often seen over Sydney performing aerobatic formation displays or flying in formation at major events. We have even been featured on television and in the media. When it comes to flying in formation and can teach you how to formation fly like a real military pilot.

Formation Flying

Tailwheel undercarriage or conventional undercarriage is a design feature which allows pilots to fly more advanced and manoeuvrable aircraft such as the Super Decathlon, Pitts Special and the Extra. This design feature requires pilots to be more attentive to handling the aircraft during take off and landing as well as taxiing. It is an excellent way to further increase your skills and confidence.

Tail Wheel Endorsement

The Constant Speed Unit (CSU) is the design feature that more powerful and efficient aircraft use in order to better utilise the power produced by the engine. The unit allows the propeller blade to change its angle of attack to take a more effective stroke through the air and to utilise the torque of the engine more efficiently. Contact us and speak with an instructor today.

CSU & Retrac Endorsement