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Aerobatics is the most fun you can have in aviationbut make no mistake, it’s also the most challenging thing you’ll have attempted as a pilot.

Learning to recognise and manage unusual attitudes is just the beginning. As part of your training you’ll develop a new level of stick and rudder skills, which will improve your confidence as pilot in command.

That’s why learning from highly experienced instructors is essential to your aerobatic training. If you’re hungry to take your flying to the next level, get in touch now.

  • No previous aerobatic experience required.
  • Progress quickly with a military style curriculum.
  • Interested in competition? Get ready with our advanced aerobatics course.

Our Aerobatic Course Offerings

Basic Aerobatics Course (BAC)

CASR Part 61 Aerobatic & Spinning Flight Activity Endorsement

This course includes 9 aerobatic lessons conducted in the Alpha 160A. The BAC incorporates all elements of our Upset Recovery Course. At the completion of this course you will attain CASR Part 61 Aerobatic and Spin Flight Activity Endorsements.

Our aim is to produce a confident and competent pilot. We train to a standard, not a set price, so the final figure may vary for each student based on personal ability. Any remedial training will be charged at the standard rates.

At the end of this training you’ll be qualified to perform a Basic Aero Sequence (loop, aileron roll, stall turn, wingover + steep turn) and fully developed spins with passengers on board above 3000ft. You’ll also learn:

  • Advanced aircraft control techniques
  • Emergency manoeuvre training
  • Recognition of and escape from mishandled manoeuvres
  • Dynamic stalls and spins in any attitude or situation.

These skills are an essential part of aerobatic flying which also improve your general flying ability and confidence.

  • Become a more competent pilot.
  • BAC lays the foundation for future aerobatic development
  • Get yourself competition ready with our Advanced Aerobatic Course.

Completed your BAC? Your next step is our Advanced Aeros Course!

Intermediate Aerobatics Course (IAC)

Build on the foundations you worked so hard to set in BAC.

Now that you understand the basics it’s time to put it altogether into a meaningful sequence. The IAC is conducted in the Alpha 160A and provides the foundation for aerobatic competition sequence flying. The Basic Aerobatics Course (BAC) is a prerequisite for pilots wishing to do the IAC.

As each manoeuvre is approved individually and additional practice may be required prior to the standard competencies being reached. This course is made up for 5 lessons and each manoeuvre has a pre-flight brief. While we have a set course outline, this often varies between students as it is base on your ability to master the competencies.

  • Learn barrel rolls.
  • Become highly competent at slow rolls.
  • Master flick rolls.

Advanced Aerobatics Course (AAC)

Take your aeros to the next level – advance to competition aerobatics with this course.

It’s time to level up with the the AAC. This course builds on the IAC and focuses on more advanced competition aerobatic manoeuvres, energy management, geographic positioning and orientation. At the conclusion of this course pilots will be recommended for a CASR Part 61 – 1500ft Aerobatic Flight Activity Endorsement.

The course comprises of 6 lesson + pre-flight briefings. Each manoeuvre is approved individually and additional practice may be required to achieve the standard competencies. Once you have each manoeuvre down pat, we’ll put these into an advanced aero sequence which builds upon the BAC & IAC manoeuvres. The AAC is conducted using the Alpha 160A and an upgrade to the Extra 300 is available following this course.

  • Roll off the top.
  • Competition spin.
  • Split S.
  • Half reverse & half cuban.

Once you've completed our Advanced Aerobatics Course you can train in the Extra 300.

Low Level & Competition Aerobatics

Be recommended for a CASR Part 61 1000ft or 500ft Aerobatic Flight Activity Endorsement

These endorsements enable a pilot to fly an aerobatic sequence at altitudes below 1500 feet. Tuition concentrates on advanced and dynamic competition manoeuvres, energy management, geographic positioning and orientation. At the cend of this training pilots may be recommended for a CASR Part 61 1000ft or 500ft Aerobatic Flight Activity endorsement.


Competition Aerobatic Training
Once you have your endorsements we encourage students to compete in regional, state and national level comps held by the Australian Aerobatic Club. Competitions are scheduled throughout the year and are great for pilots new to the aeros scene. They are low pressure and a lot of fun.

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From Beginner to Advanced & Everything In-between

Already have a Recreational Pilots Licence or other Pilots Licence? Do you want to improve your skill and confidence and have lots of fun whilst doing so? Or perhaps you would like to take up competition aerobatic flying? Then come and see the aerobatic experts at The Aerobatic School about achieving your aerobatics rating.No previous aerobatic experience is required.


Build your flying confidence and improve your safety with the Upset Recovery and EMT experts! We’ve been doing it for thirty years and we are still one of a few organisations in the world who specialise in this training. You will also better understand the stall and spin and be able to recover from these quickly with minimum height loss in ANY situation. Find out more today.

Upset Recovery

Learn the art of formation flying and hone your skills with the formation experts who teach what they do! Our pilots are often seen over Sydney performing aerobatic formation displays or flying in formation at major events. We have even been featured on television and in the media. When it comes to flying in formation and can teach you how to formation fly like a real military pilot.

Formation Flying

Tailwheel undercarriage or conventional undercarriage is a design feature which allows pilots to fly more advanced and manoeuvrable aircraft such as the Super Decathlon, Pitts Special and the Extra. This design feature requires pilots to be more attentive to handling the aircraft during take off and landing as well as taxiing. It is an excellent way to further increase your skills and confidence.

Tailwheel Endorsement