We can tailor an Upset Recovery / EMT Course for in your own aircraft.

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

…build your flying confidence and improve your safety

Build your flying confidence and improve your safety with the UPRT experts! We’ve been doing it for thirty years and we are still one of a few organisations in the world who specialise in this training.

In recent times there have been many unfortunate aircraft accidents. These have been attributed to poor pilot training and lack of unusual attitude and stall awareness throughout all areas of civilian aviation, including the airlines. Several of these have received significant media attention. The problem in our opinion is the fact that many of the recovery skills and emergency manoeuvres which were once mandatory have disappeared from modern day flight training curricular.

Essential skills like stall and spin recoveries are either not taught or are taught very poorly due to inadequate understanding or lack of qualification by many instructors, even ‘experienced’ ones. And most modern aircraft are not approved for spin training. That doesn’t mean you can’t unintentionally spin one!

The Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Course (also known as UPRT) is designed to expose you, the pilot, to the most common mishandling situations so you know where your personal limits lie and how to go beyond those limits in an emergency. This course will allow you to experience extreme and unusual attitudes in a controlled environment. It will give you greater confidence in your ability as a pilot and build your awareness of potential dangers BEFORE they happen, and all in realistic aircraft.

You will also better understand the stall and spin and be able to recover from these quickly with minimum height loss in ANY situation. Unlike other Upset Recovery Training providers worldwide we don’t use ‘unrealistic’ high performance aerobatic aircraft or jets, even though we operate these ourselves. We chose the Alpha 160A for this course. This delightful aircraft allows us to better simulate upset recovery, stalls, spins and mishandling situations more common to Cessna, Piper, Vans RV, Cirrus, Beech and most recreational / sport aircraft types.

Your UPRT Course Includes

…5 structured lessons to improve your safety and confidence

Your UPRT course includes all all briefings and video debriefs, tutorials, Airservices and airport landing fees and charges. If remedial training is required additional flights charged at standard rates. Over 5 lessons you will learn:

  • Unusual Attitude recognition and recovery
  • Dynamic stall recognition and recovery (g-stalling), manoeuvring on the buffet
  • Fully developed and incipient spin recognition and recovery
  • Basic Aerobatics including advanced stalling and spinning
  • Loss of flight controls and forced landing techniques

Course cost: $2,800 (INC GST)

This includes all briefings and video debriefs, tutorials, Airservices and airport landing fees and charges. If remedial training is required additional flights charged at standard rates.

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