The Aerobatic Podcast

In The Loop is a new Aviation and Aerobatics video podcast by aerobatics expert Joel Haski.

Joel has well in excess of 5000 aerobatic flight hours as well as experience in airshow displays, charter and aerial photography for film and television. Joel specialises in advanced and competition aerobatic instruction when he’s not thrilling passengers on Adventure Flights or performing air displays at major events.

If you are interested in aviation, you will love In The Loop!

In The Loop is not an ordinary podcast. High Quality Video Content is published here with each episode and will provide a unique viewing experience. Tune in as Joel shares knowledge and tales from years of experience as well as interviews other experts.

You can find audio, high quality video content as well as transcribed episodes bellow.

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1: Introduction   In this Episode Joel introduces the podcast and talks about his the past 20 or so years of his flying career. Joel shares why he is so passionate about aerobatics and tells some tales from his thousands of hours of aerobatic flying. Episode 1: Introduction &nbsp   00:00 / 39:47  …

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Fly With The Aerobatic School

Already have a Recreational Pilots Licence or other Pilots Licence? Do you want to improve your skill and confidence and have lots of fun whilst doing so? Or perhaps you would like to take up competition aerobatic flying? Then come and see the aerobatic experts at The Aerobatic School about achieving your aerobatics rating.No previous aerobatic experience is required.


Build your flying confidence and improve your safety with the Upset Recovery and EMT experts! We’ve been doing it for thirty years and we are still one of a few organisations in the world who specialise in this training. You will also better understand the stall and spin and be able to recover from these quickly with minimum height loss in ANY situation. Find out more today.

Upset Recovery

The Aerobatic School has taught hundreds of pilots to fly over 30+ years of operation as Red Baron and Sydney Aerobatic School. We specialise in training you beyond the CASA minimums by utilising high performance training that will build your confidence and make you a safer pilot. All pilots complete aerobatic, upset recovery, advanced stall, spin recovery training and more.

Licence Training

Learn the art of formation flying and hone your skills with the formation experts who teach what they do! Our pilots are often seen over Sydney performing aerobatic formation displays or flying in formation at major events. We have even been featured on television and in the media. When it comes to flying in formation and can teach you how to formation fly like a real military pilot.

Formation Flying

Tailwheel undercarriage or conventional undercarriage is a design feature which allows pilots to fly more advanced and manoeuvrable aircraft such as the Super Decathlon, Pitts Special and the Extra. This design feature requires pilots to be more attentive to handling the aircraft during take off and landing as well as taxiing. It is an excellent way to further increase your skills and confidence.

Tail Wheel Endorsement

The Constant Speed Unit (CSU) is the design feature that more powerful and efficient aircraft use in order to better utilise the power produced by the engine. The unit allows the propeller blade to change its angle of attack to take a more effective stroke through the air and to utilise the torque of the engine more efficiently. Contact us and speak with an instructor today.

CSU & Retrac Endorsement